Redwood City


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Business Board meeting(3Feb., 2009); That's President Maureen Grover at the podium, motivating the crowd, while Rudy Grana is caught holding the bag.
On the right, it appears that Fran Benedetto is getting the heave-ho from an unidentified Sergeant-at-arms.

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This was my first Executive Board meeting.
That's my empty chair on the left and my dutiful Recorder in the foreground doing my job.
Click here to listen.

View minutes here.

I've been told by an old-timer at the Senior Center that if you're over 70, you are forgiven if you forget names.

Below are a few delightful photos of people whose names I have forgotten (or never new). I can't remember.

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I do remember that they make mighty fine music together.  I have viseo recordings of some of their efforts.

That old-timer said that when you're over 80 forgetting your own name is OK.
I'm John J. "Jack" Hickey (be 75 in May)

Thought I would toss in one of my bowling pictures.

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That's our Jeanne Baxter begging for a "Brooklyn".  Didn't happen till a few frames later, when I caught it on video.