Red Wood City
Fun-After-Fifty Club

Anniversary Luncheon - one day before TAX day!


Fun After Fifty Assembled at San Mateo Elks for our Anniversary Luncheon

FAF fun

FAF'ers just having fun in spite of the impending disaster!


I see Johanna Marinc, Dennis and Hector Berglund, all photo I.D. card carrying members,
and others who are not in my photo database.  Linda K., see me after class.

David wine

David Desideri, waiting for his name to be called in the wine drawing.
And there's Gloria.  Did you check photo I.D.'s at the door?

I did catch two infiltrators and lined them up against the wall for mug shots.(photos below)


Bert Bourland and his lovely companion, Claire Young, who graced our table at lunch,
now have photo I.D.'s waiting for them. 
And, I took a chance on a stealth photo of Bill Duncan and prepared a card for him.

Fran and Corkie

Don't worry, ladies, the men have it under control!

Fran Lorraine Elaine

These are definitely troubling times, but let's have fun anyway!

fish tale

Maureen is telling Bruce a fish tale.


Bruce fell for it, hook, line and sinker!