Meeting was called to order at 9:30 A.M. by President - Maureen Grover - Moment of silence and flag salute followed.

Recording Secretary Jack Hickey was absent.  All other members present with the exception of Leonard Woolard and Dolores Siegfried. 
Correspondence Sec. Barbara Salsedo no report
Exec. Treas. Chito de Leon reported a $5467.07 balance on hand as of 7/30/2009.  
First V.P. Ethel Walter  She reminded all of the dance tomorrow night.
Suggestion from Marilyn Centoni re: soliciting restaurants for dinner offers.  Jack Hickey(arrived at 9:50 A.M.) related that this was a process used to identify Fun After Fifty Friendly establishments(3F Club on our website).   Members are encouraged to have their favorite restaurants, which wish to participate, contact RWCFAF webmaster, Jack@RWCFAF.com to arrange for inclusion on our website.
Recording Secretary Jack Hickey read the minutes of the 6/25/2009 executive board meeting and the 7/7/2009 Business meeting..  Minutes were approved. 
Membership Sec. Frances Benedetto has completed her portion of the Membership list.  Barbara Salsedo is working on her section.  Maureen Grover has Dolores Siegfried's section and more information which should bring it all together.
Publicity Chair — Corkie Limmer — no report
Entertainment chair — Chito
Bingo Report:
- no report
Senior Forum - Hector Berglund said elections will be held first Friday in September, Daly City.  Tickets $8, entertainment and drawing for prizes.  Contact Vince Truscelli for details

Old Business:
Luau dance 28 August was discussed.  Fruit punch, cookies, lei's etc. 

New Business -
Flea Market  -  Motion made by Rudy Grana, seconded by Jack Hickey to secure a Flea market table(September)  to hawk contributed items.  Motion passed unanimously. 
Bowling rematch with VMSC Sept. w/ Johnny Rockets as VMSC fundraiser. 
Over 80 luncheon(October 10th).  Venue TBD.  Waterfront Restaurant(Old Pete's Harbor) favored.
Membership:  Jack Hickey presented a proposal which would modify current policy regarding Lifetime members.  Currently, the Fun After Fifty General Policy Guide Membership Section 1.C.1.b reads:
"Active Members who reach the age of 85 and have been a member for the last five (5) consecutive years or more will be given lifetime membership."
The proposal would extend lifetime membership to any member aged 85 or older who has paid dues for at least 5 consecutive years.
Motion was made by Jack Hickey, seconded by Rudy Grana, to amend the Fun After Fifty General Policy Guide Membership Section 1.C.1.b to read:
Active members who reach the age of 85 and have paid dues for five consecutive years or more will be given Lifetime Membership.
Discussion ensued.  An amendment to the motion, by Karl Girardi, was accepted as a friendly amendment.  That amendment, which reads:
Any member who has reached the age of 85 and has not been a member for five(5) years, has the option to pay dues in advance and become a lifetime member.  The motion to amend was approved with 2 abstentions
Jack Hickey called for the question.  The original motion, as amended, passed unanimously.
A motion by Rudy Grana to submit the motion, as approved by the Executive Board, to the Membership at next Tuesday's Business meeting.  It was seconded by Ethel Walter and unanimously approved.

Meeting adjourned at 11:05 A.M.

Jack Hickey, Interim Recording Secretary