MINUTES of FAF 7/7/2009 Business MEETING

Meeting was called to order at 10:45 A.M. by First V.P. Ethel Walter  - Moment of silence and flag salute followed.

Recording Secretary, Jack Hickey then read the minutes of the 6/2/09 Business meeting and 6/28/2009 Executive Board
Minutes approved as read.

Correspondence Sec. Barbara Salsedo -Absent

2nd V.P. Dolores Siegfried  no report.

Exec. Treas. Chito de Leon gave the financial report - balance $6051.01.

Treas. Rudy Grana reported $47.53 in petty cash.  He also spoke to the Bingo issue.  No Tuesday.  FAF Sunday coming up needs 4 to 5 volunteers. 

First V.P. Ethel Walter no report.

Sunshine - Jeanne Baxter - Reported on Members with health problems.

Membership Sec. Frances Benedetto  no report

Publicity Chair — Corkie Limmer — no report.

Senior Forum - Hector Berglund - no report

Entertainment chair — Chito —no report

Dennis Berglund  no report

Meeting unofficially adjourned around 11:30.

Jack Hickey

Interim Recording Secretary