Meeting was called to order at 9:30 A.M. by President - Maureen Grover - Moment of silence and flag salute followed.

Recording Secretary Jack Hickey called the roll.  All members present with the exception of Rudy Grana who was excused.  The minutes of the 5/28/09 executive board meeting were read.  Minutes were approved.  Business meeting minutes were read.  Dennis Berglund requested correction of spelling of his and Hector's names on the Business meeting minutes.  Corrections were made.

Correspondence Sec. Barbara Salsedo no report

Exec. Treas. Chito de Leon gave the financial report. Current balance on hand is $6051.01  as of 6/25/2009.   Negligible change in petty cash.

First V.P. Ethel Walter  She reminded all of the dance tomorrow night.

Second V.P. Dolores Siegfried Lunches going to $5.00.

Membership Sec. Frances Benedetto There was discussion about total membership.  A committee comprised of Barbara Salsedo, Fran Benedetto and Dolores  Siegfried was established to cull the membership list to reflect paid up members of known address and phone numbers.  A mailing content committee was established, chaired by Jack Hickey, and including Chito DeLeon and Dennis Berglund.

Publicity Chair — Corkie Limmer — no report. Jack Hickey is to provide information on the July 21 presentation of the Cargill salt pond development proposal by John Bruno

Entertainment chair — Chito — reported that High School performers are on July 14th.

Bingo Report: - Dolores Siegfried discussed Bingo assignments.

Senior Forum - Hector Berglund said elections will be held second Friday in September.

Old Business: Picnic discussion. 

New Business - Luau dance 28 August was discussed.  Enthusiam prevailed.

Modification of the wheel payout was put into a motion.  The Board spun it's wheels and stopped the motion, leaving the status quo.

Dennis Berglund suggested that photo I.D. cards for Past Presidents should not have expiration dates, since they are Lifetime members.  Jack Hickey agreed to prepare new cards for such members.

Meeting adjourned at 11:05 A.M.

Jack Hickey, Interim Recording Secretary