Meeting was called to order at 9:30 A.M. by 1st V. Pres. Ethel Walter - Moment of silence and flag salute followed.

Ethel Walter called the roll.

Present, Ethel Walter, Barbara Salsedo, Jack Hickey, Chito de Leon, Karl Girardi, Fran Benedetto, Gloria Stent, Corkie Limmer, Leonard Woollard,

Absent: Dolores Siegfried, Hector Berglund, Dennis Berglund, Rudy Grana

Recording Secretary, Jack Hickey then read the minutes of the 2/26/09 board meeting. They were approved as read with minor corrections.

Correspondence Sec. Barbara Salsedo read an announcement of the next meeting of the Senior Forum. That meeting was history(Feb. 21).

Exec. Treas. Chito de Leon gave the financial report. Current balance on hand is $6660.86 as of 3/26/2009.

Treas. Rudy Grana excused

First V.P. Ethel Walter reported an empty suggestion box

Membership Sec. Frances Bennedetto

Publicity Chair — Corkie Limmer — no report.

Entertainment chair — Chito

Bingo Report: - no report

Old Business: Hat contest prizes have been procured by Fran Benedetto. It was moved, seconded and unanimously approved that “the hat contest be conducted following the April 7, 2009 Business meeting which will start at 10:45. As an afterthought, consensus was that judges be picked from the sign-in sheet.

Opportunity drawing, $1.00 - 50/50 second Tuesday. Motion made, seconded and passed unanimously.

Laminated Photo I.D. Cards for Members is a huge success. Many of the bowling members have requested and received cards. A modest donation request of $1 is covering material costs with excess going to FAF.

New business - Fund raising was a topic. Mascot naming contest was discussed. Directors to return with ideas at the next Exec. Meeting.

Meeting adjourned at 11 A.M.

Jack Hickey

Interim Recording Secretary