Approved MINUTES of FAF 2/26/2009 BOARD MEETING

Meeting was called to order at 9:30 A.M. by Pres. Maureen Grover - Moment of silence and flag salute followed.

Recording Secretary, Jack Hickey called the roll. All present except Karl Girardi(excused) He then read the minutes of the 1/29/09 board meeting. They were approved as read.

Correspondence Sec. Barbara Salsedo read an announcement of the next meeting of the Senior Forum. That meeting was history(Feb. 21).

Exec. Treas. Chito de Leon gave the financial report. Current balance on hand is $4,257.00 as of 2/26/2009. Rudy Grana questioned $95.32 dance expenditure. Discussion ensued, and Rudy was satisfied with the explanation.

Treas. Rudy Grana stated that balance on hand in petty cash fund is $77.62. Discussion concluded that the Friday Dance was a huge success and no complaints were registered regarding the increased charges.

First V.P. Ethel Walter read suggestions:

1. Laverne Cleaver re: Bingo money($5 or $10). Consensus: Moved by Ethel Walters and seconded by Jack Hickey to let the callers decide. After discussion, the motion was approved unanimously.

2. Hildegard - I suggest we change the bylaws regarding the wheel prizes.

3. Linda K(Kowalski?). “have a hat day once a month, include the guys too, just for fun and good for your skin!”

Ethel said that we have begun selling Luncheon Tickets - $20/Members - $25/non-Members

Food - Herb Petrale, Chicken Teriyaki and Roast Beef.

Second V.P. Dolores Siegfried reported that there will NOT be round tables, so saith the STAFF. “Smoke the peace pipe and make the best of it.”

Membership Sec. Fran Benedetto queried regarding signing up new members as the year expires, which suggests prorating dues. Maureen said that beginning in July of each year, new members would pay half for the remainder of the year.

Discussion ensued regarding the Membership database. Jack Hickey inquired as to whether the data submitted with applications was included. It is not. Jack then offered to undertake an effort to update the database, and include e-mail addresses where provided. The Board welcomed the offer.

Orientation tours were discussed. It was generally agreed that such tours have fallen through the crack and should be encouraged. Coordination with Merrylyn and Bruce was indicated. June and Rosemary were also mentioned as resources to be utilized.



Publicity Chair — Corkie Limmer — no report. Discussion ensued.

Dennis Berglund related that we are not the only FAF Club around, and the RWC I.D. is essential.

Jack Hickey suggested FAF utilization of the theater projector for photo displays including artwork, and computer displays, and WiFi Internet connectivity(not now available) at the Center. He has contacted RC IT personnel and discussed his ideas with Bruce, with a positive response. Jack offered to put a temporary FAF page on his website to post pictures and other FAF stuff. The Board enthusiastically welcomed these initiatives.

Entertainment chair — Chito de Leon— we will be entertained by Serendipity Dancers in March. No April event. May-Peninsula Choraliers.

Bingo Report: Dolores Siegfried - deferred to “Captain” Rudy after emphasizing that scheduled commitments are preferred over drop-ins, and Costco offers a better deal for buns and hotdogs, and will be used in the future. Rudy declined the “Captain” appellation but acknowledged his role as FAF leader for Bingo, and Dolores‘ role as Captain. Dennis Berglund led considerable discussion regarding lack of credit accrued by FAF volunteers. FAF volunteers were solicited for AARP activities with no apparent credit. The Center’s $15,000 investment in tracking software was described as “…not worth a damn!”. Barbara Salcedo suggested that Rudy and George Habit, both representing FAF, should be a strong voice at the VMSC Committee Meetings

Senior Forum — Hector Berglund — Menlo Park meeting was rescheduled to March 14, 2009. Cost $8.00. Coffee and condiments served. Open to Members. Multiple Senior Groups sharing activities information.

Unfinished Business: Anniversary Luncheon-It was moved by Barbara Salcedo and seconded by Jack Hickey that Board Members will each contribute a bottle of wine or whatever you can afford to give. Motion passed unanimously.

Dennis inquired about Christmas luncheon. Maureen took care of reservations.

New Business: Hats-prizes and categories was discussed. Outcome TBD by Fran Benedetto

Opportunity drawing, $1.00 - 50/50 second Tuesday. Motion made, seconded and passed unanimously.

Jack Hickey offered to create laminated Photo I.D. Cards for Members, suitable for obtaining preferred treatment at local establishments. Sample forthcoming.

Meeting adjourned at 11 A.M.

Jack Hickey

Interim Recording Secretary